Demande de la tenue d'un procès pour les génocides dans les CHSLD au Canada en 2020.Let’s demand justice for our elders.

inbound2832862715075253697.jpgDemande de la tenue d un proces pour les génocides dans les CHSLD au Canada en 2020

Nous, le peuple, exigeons la tenue d un proces de type class action contre X , aux nom des victimes de genocide dans les CHSLD en 2020 au Canada.Le 27 mai 2022 la cour pénale internationale recevait notre demande de crimes contre l'humanité. 

Si la cour pénale internationale n'accepte pas notre dossier, la seule chance qu'ils nous restent de se faire entendre est d'amasser 250 000 signatures. 

Merci de nous aider à faire sortir la vérité. 


Let’s demand justice for our elders !

It’s also our responsibility!

Sign, valide your signature in your email and share, please!

You can find the petition on SOS Québec, Facebook page: SOS QUÉBEC (groupe) | Facebook

Or on Demande de la tenue d’un procès pour les génocides dans les CHSLD au Canada en 2020. The petition has been done in french, please forgive us. If you want to read it in english do google translate. Thank you for your understanding :



I invite you to sign this important petition. As you know, our elders do not have it easy in the CHSLD here in Québec, as well in the rest of Canada. The Québec’s coronary has done its job, but it cannot go any further given that it is not its mandate. A group of citizens have in the last year worked very hard to gather information, testimonials and more, to build an important case. Now it’s up to us to do our part and sign the petition to put more weight on your request. It has already been accepted, we need more than 250 000 signatures to demonstrate our seriousness.

We have too often forgiven the excesses that some of our politicians have made. But there, we are not talking about money or decorating their house at the expense of taxpayers! Here, it’s the suffering of a group of vulnerable people that we are talking about and this is where we must draw the line in the sand and say: “That’s enough!”

Let’s be the voice of those who have suffered in silence, let’s be proactive !

Thank you very much for helping us, every signature counts!

A concerned citizen.


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